Monday, November 18, 2013

Reuben Sandwich

No work for me today!! That means a day spent cooking :) What could be better?

My dad didn't work today either, so I decided to make us lunch and plan something for dinner. Today for lunch we had Reuben Sandwiches. They hit the spot! (and for dinner we're having homemade French Onion Soup...that recipe will be coming next)

Since my great grandparents are Polish, I've grown up eating sauerkraut. I absolutely love it! I like it plain, with Polish Sausage, and on sandwiches...obviously. The more sauerkraut the better. If you've tried it before and you don't think you like it, I encourage you to try it on these sandwiches. Trust me, it's delicious.

So here you have it...quick and easy Reuben Sandwiches.

4 slices rye bread
1/4 cup Thousand Island dressing
1/2 lb corned beef sliced
1 cup sauerkraut, drained (I used more because we love sauerkraut)
4 slices swiss cheese
Butter to spread on bread slices

Preheat a griddle or 2 large frying pans over medium heat. Heat the corned beef in a pan, just until heated but not browned. Lay the bread slices on a work surface and butter each slice of bread. 
Spread dressing on two slices. 

Add the corned beef on top of the dressing. 

Pile sauerkraut on top of the corned beef. 

Next add two slices of cheese to each sandwich.

Top with remaining piece of bread and place on the hot griddle or frying pan. Cook until golden brown on the bottoms. The sandwiches should cook slowly to allow the bread to brown without burning while the cheese melts. Transfer to a cutting board and cut in half. Serve hot.


Inspired by Comfort Food by Rick Rodgers

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